A Harry Potter inspired bath bomb?

From unicorns to sharks, Lush is simply amazing us with each and every new bath bomb. However, this latest one seems to have topped them all. Potterheads it is time to get really excited. No, I am not talking about a new Harry Potter book or movie, but something different, something even more excited. Are you ready?

Lush is launching, yes, you are right: a Harry Potter inspired bath bomb. If bath time wasn’t magical enough, this latest product will make it over the top. This bath product is called Dark Arts and it is of course, gray. If you want a sneak peak of what magic is, the you can definitely find the relaxing properties of this bath bomb. After all, a bit of the Harry Potter spells never hurt anybody, right? Why not even take one of the books and read it while relaxing.

It was like bathing in the tears of Robert Smith.

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If you have not yet made your vacation plans for the summer, it is time to book a flight to the UK, as the Harry Potter inspired bath bomb is only available in the UK. On the bright side, you can visit the locations where the famous movie series was filmed, and maybe on your way , you will find your lost letter from Hogwarts?