These tabs are like a bath bomb for your mouth

Once in a while, we all like to lay in our bathtubs and relax while a bath bomb is fizzing in the water. We actually like it so much that we have a small personal collection of bath bombs. Lush has mastered the art of making bath bombs and we have totally fallen in love with them. Not to mention the fact that it recently launched a bath bomb inspired by our favorite wizard, Harry Potter.

I'm very grateful that Lush has been so generous as to chose me for #firstlooklushies … my next few posts will be featuring the lovely products I received from @lushcosmetics yesterday! 💗😁 so on that note… I have exciting news for my fellow North American Lushies! Lush is bringing Crème De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs to stores in just a few short weeks! These little peppermint wonders are excellent for fresh breathe on the go! All you need is water 😁💦 #freshnewlush . . . #lush #lushcosmetics #lushnorthamerica #lushcanada #lushmouthwashtabs #mouthwash #mouthwashtabs #easy #freshbreath #crueltyfree #vegetarian #mint #oralhygiene #fresh #handmade #cosmetics #like #lushie #lushaddiction #shoponline #lushaddict #teeth #clean #lushaholic #alcoholfreemouthwash #antianimaltesting #fightinganimaltesting #ethicallysourced

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OK, ok, but what about these mouth tabs? Lush has finally made a solid version of mouth wash. The Lush Mouthwash Tabs are the result. They come in three different breath freshening flavors and are exactly what you need to eliminate that garlic breath after a tasty meal.

How do they work? Even more simple: you pop one in your mouth and then you take a sip of water. What happens next? Well, similar to a bath bomb, the tab starts to fizz in your mouth. You spit it out after it has done its job and enjoy your fresh breath.

These tabs seem like the ideal mouth wash for the go, so how can we get our hands on them? Well, there is some great news. In less than 48 hours, they can be yours. How come? They are being released on the 31st of July. As for the price, they are only $9.95 a bottle. So, plan your visit to Lush as time is ticking.