Lush embraces the fidget spinner trend

You look to your right, a person is playing with a fidget spinner, you look to your left, the same thing is happening.  Fidget spinners are everywhere, and of course, you might as well be one of the people playing with one.

If you were extremely excited about the fidget spinner that had lip balms in it, then this latest product from Lush will definitely be on your shopping list. When you think of the cosmetics’ company, Lush, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? If the answer is their famous bath bombs, then you are very lucky. Why? Well, their latest innovation is a bath bomb fidget spinner.

Wait, what? Did you just read that right? Actually, yes. The Bubble Spinner, priced at only $7 includes 3 mini bath bombs. As opposed to the traditional bath bomb, you actually have to hold this one while your bath tub fills with water. In addition, you can choose which one of the three mini bath bombs to use, and reuse the product when you take your next bath.

The product was released yesterday and it sold out immediately. However, we keep our hopes up and who knows, maybe one day we will get our hands on these beauties.