Harry Potter inspired liquid lipsticks are a dream come true

I don’t know about you guys, but I was pretty upset when I did not get my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Somehow, I keep checking my mailbox every day in the hope that someday it will appear. Day after day, I never give up my hopes.

Until my letter appears, I get excited with each and every new Harry Potter release. Even though a new book is not coming out too soon, I get really happy when I see a new Harry Potter product. Imagine the excitement when I heard about the Lush Cosmetics bath bomb inspired by our favorite wizard. What got me even more excited though, was this latest release by Storybook cosmetics.

We do not really have a lot of details about these liquid lipsticks. The only thing that we know so far are the four new liquid lipstick shades that will complement the Witchcraft and Wizardry Eye Shadow palette. These are cherry red, forest green, rose gold-tinted bronze, and royal navy.

If you happen to be as much of a Harry Potter fan as I am, your mind will definitely go to the colors of the Hogwarts House.  Until there is more news regarding this latest release (set to happen in Fall), I for one will keep checking the mailbox, who knows? Maybe my dream will finally come true.