Finally, Unicorn nail polishes exist!

If you are as obsessed about unicorns as I am, you probably have a collection of unicorn memorabilia. If you happen to also like makeup and beauty products, then you have an even bigger problem, why? Because a new unicorn inspired product is out there waiting for you. Unicorn highlighter, unicorn palette, unicorn brushes, unicorn … Continue reading Finally, Unicorn nail polishes exist!

A shark soap by Lush?

You know how most people is afraid of sharks? Well, Lush has decided to embrace them in an attempt to raise awareness for them. The famous brand has decided to support the World Oceans Day which is celebrated on June 8th. How? Well, the answer is simple: by releasing once again, the Shark Fin Soap, … Continue reading A shark soap by Lush?

A Born This Way Face Powder?

Too Faced Cosmetics has many surprises in store for us this summer. I am for one really excited about their decision to extend the peach collection. I decided to count backwards the days. This way, the countdown will end and the surprise will appear. As mentioned above, the new additions to the peach line … Continue reading A Born This Way Face Powder?

Brace yourselves, there is a new Naked Palette in Town

Urban Decay Cosmetics never ceases to impress us. Their iconic collection is the Naked line and you have at least heard of  or seen one of the Naked Palettes. Well, to be honest I guess most of us even tried them or owns one or maybe more palettes. You can never go wrong with neutrals … Continue reading Brace yourselves, there is a new Naked Palette in Town

A serum that makes wonders?

The Korean skincare routine is trending nowadays. If you are not familiar with it, you should definitely check it out. It has 10 steps and it leaves your face looking amazing. Basically, for the night routine you have to first remove your makeup with an oily product, then use a cleanser, scrub, apply toner, eye … Continue reading A serum that makes wonders?

BECCA’s Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses are incredible

Lipsticks and lip glosses always complete a look. They are easy to apply and can definitely make or break a look. They are indispensable to any makeup and somehow, we never seem to have enough of them. This is why, no matter how many lip products you already own, these new Becca Liquid Crystal Glow … Continue reading BECCA’s Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses are incredible

Lorac creates a Beauty and the Beast collection

Remember how L'oreal created that wonderful collection inspired by Beauty and the Beast? Well, it was incredible, but unfortunately, many of us had a hard time getting our hands on those pretty makeup products as they were only sold in Italy. Fortunately, another brand has decided to join the club and create a Beauty … Continue reading Lorac creates a Beauty and the Beast collection

Yet another Tarte launch?

Tarte, Tarte, always full of surprises. It seems like the creative team from this cosmetics' company is working really hard lately. One product after another, Tarte cosmetics is teasing us with new releases every day, or every other day. Basically, if you happen to close your eyes for a moment, you simply miss a new … Continue reading Yet another Tarte launch?

Benefit joins the Wonder Woman craze

With the Wonder Woman movie just around the corner, makeup brands keep launching new collections featuring our favorite heroine. So far we have seen makeup bags, brushes, and other beauty products inspired by Wonder Woman. However, brands such as Benefit Cosmetics want to show us that we have not quite seen everything. It has currently … Continue reading Benefit joins the Wonder Woman craze

The tool for perfect eyebrows

Oh makeup, so beautiful and yet so hard to apply. I mean it is not that difficult to apply it, but the hard part is to actually do a good job at it. Just think about how many times you tried to get that perfect winged eyeliner. You tried everything: from using tape to even … Continue reading The tool for perfect eyebrows